February 2019 Real Estate Market Update for Wellington County

The first couple months of 2019 is showing the Wellington County real estate market to be robust and healthy.   The year-over-year sales volume is up by 14.57% and unit sales are up by 4.3%, over the same period in 2018.

The median sales price is up 8.35% from February 2018.  It rose from $461,250 in 2018 to  $499,750 at end of February 2019 in Wellington County.

During this period, homes continued to stay on the market approximately 9 days longer over 2018 sales, with average Days on market at 40 days at end of February 2019 versus 31 days at February 2018.  Regardless, the year-to-date average sales price still increased by 9.39% resulting in an average sales price of $554,120 at end of February 2019.

Overall, in 2018 we continued to see real estate sales prices rising across Wellington County and this trend is continuing as we move into the Spring of 2019.  The average year to date sales prices in Wellington county are listed below for each type freehold vs. condominium:

Freehold Homes: $607,352 (Average sales price at February 2019)

Condominium homes: $395,491 (Avg sales price at February 2019)

Vacant land sales: $496,166 (Avg sales price at February 2019)

This continues to show that Wellington County’s real estate market is holding steady as we move into a more balanced market in the area.

If you’re considering selling your home or would just like to know the value of your home in today’s market, contact me via email, or call me at 519-824-9050 ext. 235.  Alternatively, you can connect with me here for more information or to view detailed market reports for each of the areas in Wellington County:   http://www.francessnider.com/guelph-market-update/guelph-market-update-2019

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