Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

As the days get longer, and the weather starts to warm up, it’s a great time to get on top of some exterior maintenance for your home.

Items you can Check Off Your List in an Hour or Less

  • Inspect driveways and paths. Freezing and thawing are tough on concrete, asphalt and other hardscape materials. Take a walk around your property to look for damage to walkways, paths and driveways, then schedule repairs as needed. Asphalt can often be patched, but damaged concrete may need to be replaced entirely.
  • Inspect the roof. Winter storms can take quite a toll on a roof.   When spring arrives, start by making a simple visual inspection of yours from the ground.  Look for missing shingles, metal pipes that are damaged or missing or anything that simply doesn’t look right.  If you notice anything that needs closer inspection or repair, call a roofer and leave the ladders and roof repairs to the professionals.
  • Keep an eye out for termites. Beginning in March and going through May or June, be on the lookout for these winged insects that swarm in the spring. Call a licensed professional pest-control company.
  • Check sprinkler and irrigation systems. Checking your sprinklers or irrigation systems in the spring can save water — and your plants.   Make sure none of the sprinkler heads are broken or damaged, and adjust any heads that are spraying the house, especially windows, as this can cause moisture problems.  Also, adjust heads that are spraying the street, sidewalk or porches to avoid wasting water.  If you don’t know how to maintain your system, call a professional and have them check your system for these items.
  • Wash windows. Create a lighter, brighter home indoors and increased curb appeal outdoors simply by washing windows.  Wash the exterior windows yourself by using a hose attachment, or hire a pro to get the job done.
  • Prevent mosquitoes – The best way to prevent mosquitos around your home is simply to get rid of any standing water. Walk around your property, and if you see anything or any area where water stands – fix it, tip it, get rid of it or maintain it regularly.

For your weekend to do list:

  • Clean gutters and downspouts. After the last frost has passed, it’s important to have your gutters and downspouts cleaned and repaired.  You need to make sure that the water is running free in gutters and downspouts.  Having your gutters and downspouts cleaned early in the season can help prevent damage from spring rains. And if your downspouts are installed properly, water is diverted away from the house so that no water will collect around your foundation and cause damage to the structure of your home.
  • Clean your fireplace. If your home has a working wood-burning fireplace, the end of winter is a good time to give it a fresh start. Protect your hands with gloves and cover the area around the fireplace with a tarp. Carefully remove the (completely cool) remains of any charred logs and ash using fireplace tools. Then gently clean the fireplace surround. Do not attempt to clean inside the chimney — that job should be left to a professional chimney sweep.
  • Reseal exterior woodwork. Wood decks, fences, railings, trellises, pergolas and other outdoor structures will last longer if they are stained or resealed every couple years.  Take this opportunity to make any needed repairs to woodwork as well.


If you’re considering selling your home or would just like to know the value of your home in today’s market, contact me via email, or call me at 519-824-9050 ext. 235.

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