Getting your home ready for a new season

Save money with minimal effort this season with these handy tips, for your home. 

Taking care of these simple tasks now, could prevent costly repairs later for your home.

  1.  Replace batteries in Smoke and CO detectors – with daylight savings time ending next week, it’s a good reminder to change your batteries.  These devices are your safety backup in case the power goes out.
  2. Clean and store outdoor furniture.  Winter precipitation and sun can ruin your beautiful Muskoka chairs, patio set, and pillows.  If you don’t have storage space, cover everything with waterproof furniture covers.
  3. Close down the Barbeque.  Even if you indulge in the occasional “blizzard BBQ”, it’s a good time to clean the grill.  Secure and store propane tanks, and cover the barbeque or move it into your garage or shed.
  4. Drain and Shut off Outdoor faucets.  Disconnect hoses and drain standing water.  Frozen or burst pipes are not fun to deal with and flooding could cause electrical problems.
  5. Fix pavement cracks.  Water expands when it freezes so small cracks in your driveway and walkways can become bigger problems.
  6. Prune back trees and hedges.  Remove dead branches and anything that may touch your property or power lines in a windstorm.  If you have tall older trees, hire a tree service to take care of these and avoid accidents.
  7. Apply Weatherstripping – Save yourself hefty heating bills by sealing off drafts around exterior doorways and windows.

Remember, a few preventative measures can help you dodge damage and keep your house and family safe.

Getting your home ready this fall

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Monthly Regional real estate market review

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