It’s summer! Which way does your ceiling fan run?

Over the years, I have gone through and viewed many homes.  At this time of year, it is not uncommon for many homeowners to have fans running in their homes.  However, many homeowners are not aware that ceiling fans can be set to spin in different directions, depending on the time of year.

During the summertime your homes ceiling fans should run in a counter-clockwise direction which forces air downwards creating a cooling effect.

An easy summer home maintenance item to add to your checklist is to inspect and clean your ceiling fans.  All fans are different, but most fans have a visible switch (or pull string) that changes the direction in which the fan rotates.   Check to ensure your ceiling fan is running in a counter-clockwise direction for the summer.

While you’re checking that your ceiling fan is running in the proper direction, take the time to clean your fan and check the light bulbs.  Ceiling fan blades are notorious for collecting dust, so while you’re up there, grab a cleaning rag and dust your fan and blades.    Enjoy the summer & keep cool 🙂

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