Top 10 tips for Home sellers – Preparing your home for Listing Photo shoot


When you are ready to sell your home, you will have many tasks in order to get the home ready for sale.

Once your home is ready for sale, and a professional photographer is scheduled, here are my top 10 tips for home sellers to remember to make sure the photo shoot goes as well as possible.

  1. Check both indoors and outside for clutter.  Make sure everything is neat and tidy; and all loose items are put away throughout the home interior and exterior.   This includes personal items like toys, cell phones, i-pods / i-pads, remote controls, shoes, books, jewelry, etc.
  2. Turn on all lamps, and lights in the home ( and remove any timers if they are set to go on / off during photoshoot).  Replace any broken or missing light bulbs throughout.
  3. Open all draperies to allow as much natural light as possible in the home.  Ensure blinds are down, if possible, and turned slightly upwards and that all are opened uniformly.  **All ceiling fans & televisions should be OFF.
  4. Clean all windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces. The camera flash can really highlight any smudges and watermarks.
  5. In the Kitchen – remove any clutter from the counters, make sure dishes are put away, remove hand towels, and remove any wipe cloths, soaps, etc. off the sink area. ** Tuck away the garbage can / recycling bins if they are in sight.
  6. In Bathrooms, close all toilet lids, empty the garbage cans, remove all toiletry items, hang towels neatly from the towel rack, and remove clothing from hooks or the back of the door.
  7. In Dining Room, a table setting is appropriate. Flowers and plants are great as well,  but not too many as that can clutter the shot.
  8. In general, tuck trash cans and tissue boxes out of view in a closet or cupboard.
  9. For the exterior, remove all vehicles from driveways and do not park directly in front of the house, to ensure that the photographer is able to get great exterior shots of the front of the house.  **Remove all garden tools, hoses, etc.  and ensure yard is neat and tidy with outdoor furniture that is clean and neat.
  10. Try not to be home and do not have other contractors or workers present at the home during the scheduled photo shoot.  Also, make arrangements for pets not to be home during the photo shoot.

Bonus Tip – Don’t tuck things behind doors or under furniture. The camera catches it every time!


If you’re considering a move, or would like other helpful tips about preparing your home for sale,  call me at 519-824-9050 ext. 235 or contact me here:


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