Home Viewings – What to expect when buying or selling

The new normal is here and it is good idea to educate yourself and understand what to expect for home viewings when buying or selling a home during the Covid pandemic.

Many parts of our day-to-day lives have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the home buying experience. But, as is the case with many aspects of our “new normal,” a bit of extra thought and planning goes a long way in making it a safe and positive experience for all parties.

Whether you are in the market to buy or sell, here is what you can expect from the home buying experience:

Health and safety is a top priority.

When selling your home, ask your REALTOR® about the added precautions being taken to clean and disinfect before each showing. Though high-touch surfaces should get extra attention, consider opening all interior doors.
Including closets, and leaving lights on to minimize the need for guests to touch surfaces in your home. For everyone’s safety a health declaration will need to be filled out and signed by all parties attending.

Respect social distancing.

Whether you are meeting your REALTOR at a property or ushering your family out the door between showings, be sure to respect social distancing recommendations for anyone outside of your bubble. When attending a showing with your REALTOR®, all parties should stay together but be mindful of social distancing — 6 feet apart if possible, with non immediate family.

Plan ahead.

Eliminate unnecessary viewings by working with your REALTOR® to learn as much as you can about the home before your visit. Plan to limit viewing only to those who will be parties to the contract, and usually just 2 adults are now allowed during any viewing. Children are not allowed at home viewings during the pandemic. You can still involve your family and friends by inviting them along on a virtual tour of the property.

Follow Special protocols

There are special protocols put in places for buyer showings and they are as follows:

  1. We welcome this opportunity for you to look at the home but ask that if it’s not necessary, please don’t touch.  The showing agent will be happy to open doors and drawers for you, if needed. 
  2. Non-medical facial masks will be required for all attendees.  
  3. We request that you sanitize hands (or wash your hands with soap and water) and/or wear gloves prior to entering the home and upon exiting. 
  4. Please remove footwear upon entering.  
  5. Only decision makers should be at the showing, and ideally limited to 2 adults.  No extended family are permitted and it is preferable to not have children at the showing.  
  6. Do not use any of the washroom facilities during the showing.   
  7. Should you not feel well the day of the showing, or possess any symptoms, please call to cancel in advance of the showing.  

For more information, here is a video I have created for my home buyer series related to showings and special protocols in place.

Home Buyer Series – Viewing homes

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